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“Aseese(It is Possible)”
” Aseese” meaning “It is possible” by Ato’Olafunmusic is a prophetic declaration on every situation one may be passing through in life.

Most especially at this present time Nigeria where everything seems impossible, “Aseese” which means “It is possible” is what everyone should prophesy and decree by Singing with passion!…and believing God for a Positive turn around

Inspired by the Holy spirit through our lives experiences.

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Lyrics: Aseese

Aseese o aah (x3)
Amin, Ase

Irora wa, a di’rorun
Yeye wa a d’ayeye
Agan a f’owo osun
Pa omo l’oju
Iku o ni ya’le wa o
Aarun o ni se wa l’ojo
Shikin l’awa yio ma yo
Amin, Ase

(Back 2 Aseese o)

A ti se rere ko ni ni wa Lara o
Ori lawa yio ma je
Awa yio ma r’owolo lojojumo
Omo wa o ni d’omo olomo
Ori olori o ni gba’se wa se
Shikin lawa yio ma yo

(Back 2 Aseese o)

Aseese (x5), Aseese fun wa ooo
Amin, Ase

Ona kii di m’ojo
Ona kii di m’oorun
Ona kii di m’eja l’ale odo o
K’ohun rere ma se d’eewo wa
Aamin oooo,
Amin, Ase eh eh eeeh
F’alejo, F’onile, F’omode, F’agba
Hmmm hmmm
F’omo Ile eko
Aseese ooo ooooo
Amin, Ase.

Atob’Olafunmusic – Aseese (It is Possible)