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Stevens Nomsy – EKELE


Stevens Nomsy is here again with another song after the release of a single I am the Lord few months ago, this new single istitled: EKELE.

Steve Moses known as Stevens Nomsy is from Abia State, ikwuano, A gospel artist and instrumentalist who is bent on reflecting the mind of God to us all through music best way he can.

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This song Ekele is an expression of worship and thanksgiving to God for His goodness towards humanity, His creation and the way He leads us into our desire and expected destiny.

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The creator of creators,
You are the potter I’m clay
Lord mould me as it please you
You’re father and friend
Savior of all

You are the master of the masters
You are God all by yourself
Where you lead me I will follow
Way maker,
Light of the world

Nara Ekele m jiri bia
Oh oh oh oh
Nara ekele m jiri bia
Idi ebube
Nara ekele m jiri bia x2

CHOIR: Repeat solo and chorus

Call and response:
Solo: Emela
All: Emela, nara ekele m jiri bia

Solo: Emela
All: Emela (x8)
Solo: Protector
All: Protector (x7)
Solo: My friend
All: Friend (x7)
Solo: Say yeah
All: Yeah(x7)

Solo: Unto Jesus I surrender all, Nara ekele m jiri bia oh…..
All: Unto Jesus I surrender all, Nara Ekele m jiri bia